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Why We’re Different :

WE BELIEVE that only the best companies deserve ranking high in search engines. We believe this is possible only when SEO companies like us, work with trust-worthy brands. It begins when companies tell the truth – and turn down companies who don’t deserve to rank well in search engines. We are passionate about helping companies rank well – who deserve to rank well.
WE CREATE visibility, and results, for our clients. It’s not about rankings. It’s about getting the industry, and media, to recognize our client as experts. Search engine rankings, are a result of this process and philosophy. Our SEO firm has directly helped clients appear on places like Forbes, WSJ, NYTIMES, and other reputable media outlets.
WE DO all forms of search engine marketing. Whether it be paid marketing, or organic marketing – we only help firms that we believe will get results. We believe in measurable online success. IF we think your company won’t succeed – we won’t take you on as a client.


Who Do We Service DotComSEO Services The Leading Brands In The World

We’re not vendors, we’re PartnersTM

Our SEO firm acts like your CMO and provides guidance - focused on your goals.
This is our core operating principle and the main reason why each client we have, is a success story:
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Our Core Services IncludeWe are: The Measurable Results SEO Firm

Website Audit & Optimization

Our SEO firm focuses on the technical specs of your website, and make recommendations based on best practices. Our proven, industry customized, methodologies are proven. Whether it be bad coding, outdated technology, or other internal specs - we can help.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Our SEO agency focuses on the aspects of your strategy that matter most. We create a full, 360 digital marketing strategy, and optimize it continuously in order to improve your ROI and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

We help clients get to page 1 of Google for major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We take a full 360 approach to helping clients get results. That means doing on-site optimization, off-site optimization, building backlinks, and frankly everything needed to get results.

Conversion Optimization

Our SEO firm regularly consults with major brands in order to help improve their overall conversion rate. Using leading softwares and technologies, we help you understand why your website isn't generating the results it can. Whether it be heat maps, scroll maps, or A/B testing - we improve your KPI's.

PPC Campaign Management

We take a holistic, and conservative approach too PPC management. It ensures your success, and we do so in a manner that ensures you're not being over-leveraged. We control every aspect of your campaign - resulting in better results, and higher performance.

Content Marketing

Rankings are based on backlinks. Content marketing is the #1 way to get higher quality backlinks, and higher search engine rankings. We help you get links from places like Forbes, Examiner, WSJ, and other high quality places. The end result - is you ranking higher in a white hat organic manner.

Social Media Marketing

We help you engage with your target audience across all the various social media platforms. We manage your social media accounts for you, with an emphasis on generating more revenue. Our team targets influencers in your niche, and speak to them directly using your content. Our SEO firm increases traffic from targeted buyers.

Local Listings

One of our SEO companies core focal points is helping local businesses rank higher in search engines. Whether you have 1 location, or 100's of locations - we can help. We've helped big brands like KIA and VW, alongside doctors and injury law firms get immense results from local directories and places.

Reputation Management

Using best practices, we can help sculpt the exact things you want others to see about yourself, or your brand. For brands of all sizes, reputation management is a must.


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Case StudiesSEO Results Delivered

Situation, a recognized leader in VOIP services for businesses of all sizes, approached many SEO companies for help. They compete against companies such as Verizon, RingCentral, and others, for high value keywords. Due to a number of Google algorithm updates, and low quality companies,'s overall search visibility was substantially reduced. Many pages were not properly optimized, and there were numerous technical errors.
DotComSEO did a thorough audit, consisting of analysis of over 1000 pages. Numerous on-site technical errors were corrected, and various pages on the website were consolidated. Internal links were created to relevant pages in order to help search engines, and visitors, understand the organizational structure of the website. In addition, our SEO firm removed half a million backlinks were removed, that were causing a Google penalty.
After correcting numerous on-site technical errors, removing low quality backlinks, and creating higher quality links, noticed an increase of over 20% in monthly organic traffic -- compared to pre-SEO campaign monthly numbers. In as little as 30-60 days, started ranking on page 1 of keywords such as "Toll Free Numbers," thanks to our SEO companies assistance - and many other relevant, qualified, keywords.

A Few Words from Max SoniOur Founder & CEO

I founded Dot Com SEO on the principle that we act as more than just a vendor to businesses. Our goal at DotComSEO is to become your marketing partner. We create compelling search driven campaigns, that results in measurable online success. Period.

The end game of most SEO companies is to help drive targeted visitors, through high search engine rankings. Our SEO firm focuses on helping you generate more revenue, through search engine rankings, and traffic generated through content marketing solutions. We have specialists on staff, that have over 15 years of combined experience. We believe in measurable online success. That means measurable increase in revenue, measurable increase in visitors, and measurable increase in engagement. As a Google Partner, we've helped companies generate millions in revenue, through highly customized SEO and PPC campaigns. Before starting any project, we dive into the fundamentals behind what drives our client's business, and understand their values. Our range of clients varies, from top law firms like Farar & Lewis, Spodek Law Group, Raiser & Kenniff, and LamberGoodnow to brands like DisplayOverStock, Zooomr Car Lease, and others - and the one thing consistent about all of these brands - is the 360 degree SEO/marketing strategy we created that has created results and immense progress.

Why You’ll Love Working With Us

Search engine optimization is an investment, and it’s something you should only do – with the right company. Our SEO services include the full spectrum of what you need – creating a strategy, doing keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, creating content that is sharable – and then marketing it.  We’d like to believe we’re an experienced SEO firm – and that meat means we focus on success.

Emphasis on Results, Leads, and Revenue

Unlike other agencies, our focus is specifically on making you more money. We don’t care about nonsense things which do nothing to increase revenue. If we don’t think we can make you more money, we don’t take you as a client. This unique approach is why our campaigns always succeed. We do everything possible to get you great results AND revenue.


Before we take you on as a client, we educate you on the SEO strategy we thing is appropriate for your campaign. We help explain what’s going to happen – and why it’ll happen. We want you to understand what’s going on. The more informed you are, the greater control you have of your campaign. We provide daily reports for each of our clients, and offer a client dashboard where you can view your results 24/7.

We Report Leads and Phone Calls

We’re the only firm that provides daily reports on the number of phone calls, and contact forms, filled out. We are a business oriented firm that focuses on business data only. We help you understand on a daily basis, what type of leads are being generated from our efforts – so you can understand what’s going on.

Experience Matters

DotComSEO started as a firm for small and medium sized businesses. As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained our roots. We enjoy working with SMB’s and showing them what’s possible. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from working with bigger corporations, and pass that knowledge onto SMB’s of all sizes and industries. The experience we’ve gotten from working with bigger brands, like KIA, VW, etc, has allowed us to perfect our strategies and improve them for SMB’s. We created highly structured, and ROI focused – campaigns for clients. We do everything necessary to create amazing results for clients. Our SEO processes are designed for businesses of all sizes, irrespective of local or national SEO campaigns. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager. That individual is trained, and experienced, and oversees all campaigns activities on your account – in addition to speaking to clients.

What to look for in a company

Here are some questions you should ask when hiring a firm. Finding an affordable agency that adheres to best industry practices, and delivers results, is easier said than done. Here are some things to pay attention to when hiring an specialist.

Is the provider effective: Higher quality companies are very happy to share case studies, because it is an opportunity to showcase their effectiveness. When interviewing firms, look for results – via case studies. Look for evidence of lead gen, and traffic growth.

Who is the provider: When considering various companies, you should look at who the vendors are. That means you look at their credentials, and their reputation. For example, if the expert you’re hiring is interviewed frequently by media organizations – then that’s a good sign the vendor is trustworthy.