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The #1 reason brands choose DotComSEO is because of our ability to generate results. We consistently transform “OK” results into AMAZING and OUTSTANDING success stories. We firmly believe in the power of SEO in generating relevant, and highly targeted, leads and ultimately – revenue. Our process, methodology, and ability to generate results is best demonstrated by our case studies. Continue reading, to discover how we’ve helped brands of all sizes, ranging from enterprises, to small-medium sized businesses – generate more from their SEO campaigns.

    BBC Shop

    The BBC approached DotComDigitalMarketing to help improve it's websites overall performance. Both PPC, and SEO, were underperforming significantly, and the campaign needed revitalization.

    • Monthly organic traffic increased by 181%
    • Revenue from SEO increased by 125%
    • Website conversion rate increased by 200%
    • Time spent on website increased by 62%

    View More approached DotComSEO in order to get assistance with it's SEO campaign. After working with numerous vendors - overall traffic, rankings, and conversions were done from SEO. The company needed a new direction to regain it's search positioning.

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Our Core Services

We deliver: Measurable Business Results

  • Branding/UX Strategy

    We help brands communicate their core values to their target audience, and create a UI/UX that reinforces it. We provide guidance on how a brand should most effectively communicate it’s core ideals, and create the necessary collateral to do that.

  • Digital Strategy Consulting

    Our SEO company focuses on the aspects of your strategy that matter most. We create a full, 360 digital marketing strategy, and optimize it continuously in order to improve your ROI and conversions.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We help clients get to page 1 of Google for major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That means doing on-site optimization, off-site optimization, building backlinks, and frankly everything needed to get result.

  • Conversion Optimization

    Our SEO firm regularly consults with major brands in order to help improve their overall conversion rate. Whether it be heat maps, scroll maps, or A/B testing – we improve your KPI’s.

  • PPC Management

    We take a holistic, and conservative approach too PPC management. It ensures your success, and we do so in a manner that ensures you’re not being over-leveraged. We control every aspect of your campaign – resulting in better results, and higher performance.

  • Content Marketing

    Rankings are based on backlinks. Content marketing is the #1 way to get higher quality backlinks, and higher search engine rankings. We help you get links from places like Forbes, Examiner, WSJ, and other high quality places. The end result – is you ranking higher in a white hat organic manner.

  • Social Marketing

    We manage your social media accounts for you, with an emphasis on generating more revenue. Our team targets influencers in your niche, and speak to them directly using your content. Our SEO company increases traffic from targeted buyers..

  • Local Marketing

    One of our SEO agencies core focal points is helping local businesses rank higher in search engines. Whether you have 1 location, or 100’s of locations – we can help. We’ve helped big brands like KIA and VW, alongside doctors and injury law firms get immense results from local directories and places.

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Our 3 Step Formula

  • Drive More Traffic

  • Improve Your Conversion Rate

  • Generate Brand Loyalty

Our immediate goal is to help understand your unique marketing challenges, and drive more qualified traffic to your website. We audit your existing marketing campaigns, and measure their overall profitability.

Our first step is measuring your overall visibility and profitability based on each marketing channel. We understand what’s working, and what’s not. We focus on on the channels that are underperforming, and find creative ways to generate new sources of traffic – such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, and other internet marketing services. We take a holistic approach, looking at your KPI’s and comparing them to industry standard benchmarks. We identify areas of weakness, and show you how stack up against your competition – based on industry standardized data – so you can make an informed and educated decision on which marketing campaigns to proceed with.

As a full service digital marketing agency, we can not only provide a strategy for these campaigns – but also execute the various proposed marketing campaigns. We create a custom marketing campaign for each and every media channel, with an emphasis on trying to integrate all of these channels into one succinct marketing strategy. We help you generate more traffic – whether it be getting clients on a local, national, or global scale. We’ve helped some of the largest brands in the world get dramatic results.


We generate immense amounts of traffic, and focus on improving your campaigns overall conversion rate across every single touchpoint.

The end game of any company is to help drive targeted visitors, through high search engine rankings. Our company focuses on helping you generate more revenue, through search engine rankings, and traffic generated through content marketing solutions. We have specialists on staff, that have over 15 years of combined experience. We believe in measurable online success. That means measurable increase in revenue, measurable increase in visitors, and measurable increase in engagement. As a Google Partner, we’ve helped companies generate millions in revenue, through highly customized SEO and PPC campaigns. Before starting any project, we dive into the fundamentals behind what drives our client’s business, and understand their values. Our range of clients varies, from top law firms like Farar & Lewis, Spodek Law Group, Raiser & Kenniff, and LamberGoodnow to brands like DisplayOverStock, Zooomr Car Lease,,, H&M Law Firm, WaistKarma, and others – and the one thing consistent about all of these brands – is the 360 degree SEO/marketing strategy we created that has created results and immense progress.

We focus on the long term growth of your brand, finding new opportunities and mechanisms to generate growth.

Search engine optimization is an investment, and its something you should only do with the right company. Our SEO services include the full spectrum of what you need creating a strategy, doing keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, creating content that is sharable and then marketing it. We’d like to believe were an experienced SEO firm and that means we focus on success.

Emphasis on Results, Leads, and Revenue

Unlike other agencies, our focus is specifically on making you more money. We don’t care about nonsense things which do nothing to increase revenue. If we don’t think we can make you more money, we don’t take you as a client. This unique approach is why our campaigns always succeed. We do everything possible to get you great results AND revenue.


Before we take you on as a client, we educate you on the SEO strategy we thing is appropriate for your campaign. We help explain whats going to happen and why it’ll happen. We want you to understand whats going on. The more informed you are, the greater control you have of your campaign. We provide daily reports for each of our clients, and offer a client dashboard where you can view your results 24/7.

We Report Leads and Phone Calls

Were the only firm that provides daily reports on the number of phone calls, and contact forms, filled out. We are a business oriented firm that focuses on business data only. We help you understand on a daily basis, what type of leads are being generated from our efforts so you can understand whats going on.

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Our Process

  • Discovery

  • Strategy

  • On-site Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Analysis & Reporting


DotComSEO started as an SEO firm doing work for small and medium sized businesses. As our SEO agency grew, we never forgot our roots. We enjoy working with SMB’s and showing them what’s possible – taking what we’ve learned from larger corporations and bringing those lessons to the marketing campaigns of SMB’s. We use that experience to perfect our strategies for SMB’s. We do everything necessary to create results for clients. Our SEO process begins with discovery. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager, who conducts the audit and oversees all campaign activities on your account. We begin each and every campaign by uncovering as much as possible about your company. We look into your existing situation, and overall marketing strategy. SEO is just one aspect of your overall marketing strategy, we help you understand why SEO may or may not be working for you. We help you understand how SEO, as a part of an overall marketing strategy, can propel your brand forward. In the discovery phase we help you understand how to synchronize SEO in concert with other marketing campaigns. During this part of the campaign, we try to focus on what’s working for you and what’s not. We present this information, and our findings, to you in a proposal. We discuss what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and report on what we think is working for your company – and what’s not. During this phase, we tell you if we think SEO is what you need. If we don’t think SEO will generate the best results for you, we’ll tell you this up front during this stage.

Initial Brief

We send an initial document brief which gathers information about your SEO successes and failures. We use this to learn more about your company and for when we audit your campaign.

SEO Audit

We conduct an initial SEO audit. We investigate your competitors, and your existing SEO rankings. We look for strategic ways to improve your campaign, and make recommendations.

Initial Keyword Research

We investigate which keywords your competitors rank for, and which ones you want. We conduct a competitive analysis, to figure out why you’re not ranking for those desired keywords.

Submit Proposal

Using the information from the brief, and our 360 analysis – we create a proposal that properly answers how, and what, we can do for you. Our SEO services focus on results and timelines.


After you review our proposal, we typically schedule a phone call in order to understand your feedback about our proposal. Clients will learn more about our approach, and what to expect from the SEO campaign.


The #1 reason most SEO campaigns fail, is due to the lack of a proper strategy. Many SEO companies mistakenly claim – that ranking on page 1 of a few keywords is enough. OUR SEO COMPANY BELIEVES that SEO is just one element of a marketing strategy. SEO on it’s own isn’t enough to propel a brand forward. The strategy that is going to get you results and success, involves doing search engine optimization in concert with other forms of marketing – synchronized to one harmony. The reason our agency is able to consistently deliver results, is because of our ability to look at a situation – and create a strategy that is guaranteed to work. When proposing a strategy – we take into account all of the SEO variables, in addition to other digital marketing strategies – like PPC, Social Media, and Retargeting, in order to give you THE BEST possible return on your investment. OUR SEO COMPANY DOES more than just create nonsense and random backlinks. We synchronize your SEO goals with organic placements that not only show search engines you are trustworthy, but also enhance the quality of your brand in front of perspective customers. SEO campaigns should do more than improve rankings, or even traffic – they should increase your conversions! The keywords you go after, are just as important, if not more important, than the quality of your links and your content. The #1 reason most brands fail when doing SEO is because their keyword strategy doesn’t properly match what they can “realistically,” achieve – based on their budget, and the type of press and social media attention they can generate. We pick keywords we believe are realistic and ones which will actually result in traffic, conversions, and leads.

On-site Strategy

We create an actionable game plan, that evaluates your content – in the context of the keywords you want to rank for, and identify potential ways to adjust the content in order to make it SEO friendly.

Off-site Strategy

Backlinks, the end result of an off-site strategy, are crucial in helping you rank higher. We cultivate a list off websites, we can reach out to in order to get you the backlinks you need to rank well.


We setup all forms of analytical tracking, in order to help you measure your ROI from working with us. That includes call tracking, contact form conversion tracking, and more.

Content Marketing Strategy

We create a game plan, for the creation of new content, and a strategy on how the content will be marketed to other websites, bloggers, and influencers in your industry – to help you rank.

Client Approval

After we’ve finalized our strategy, we present you it – in order to get your approval, and consensus – that it will work for your business goals. Once you give approval – we start implementing.

On-site Optimization

During this phase, we implement strategic on-site recommendations, in addition to creating the content necessary for your content marketing strategy. Depending on your goals and objectives, this phase can be the most important aspect of your SEO campaign. If you don’t rank for a keyword, it can often be because you don’t have the necessary content OR the backlinks to justify ranking high in search engines. If content is holding you back – then during this phase, we rectify that, by creating or adjusting your content. Many SEO firms forget this phase, and many brands don’t give content marketing the respect it deserves. We firmly believe, any SEO campaign has to begin with on-site optimization. Content creation is one of the best ways to give search engines, and consumers, new ways to engage with your site. With algorithm updates like Hummingbird, which favor websites with rich content – and websites that continuously improve the length and quality of their content — creating and improving the quality of your content is a task our SEO company does wildly. Our SEO specialists focus a large amount of time obsessing over content.

Technical implementation

We adjust your on-site content, based on the keywords we identify are going to be profitable for your business. That means adding/adjusting your content based on the phrases, that are most likely to generate greater search engine rankings.

Content creation

We create new content, necessary for SEO landing pages in addition to content which will be used for content marketing purposes. New algorithm updates favor high quality content creation and in-depth writing.

Web design

Without a proper website, built on architecturally sound code – it’s impossible to rank well in search engines. The success of any campaign begins with a thorough audit of your website, using Google’s own quality control testing tool. If you don’t have a proper website, our first objective is to improve it, or redevelop it.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is how we create organic backlinks. We generate awareness for your business. We create organic placements on behalf of your business, focused on taking content you've made and showing it to noteworthy websites.

Social Media

Social Media is a tool through which you can syndicate your content, and build natural search engine popularity. Social Media is one of the best ways to syndicate your message, and generate traction.

Local Places Optimization

Brands with multiple locations, who need to improve their visibility for all of the various locations can take great advantage of our local places optimization strategies. For brands looking to leverage SEO to generate more foot traffic, our SEO company has a strategy that has proven successful time and time again.

Link Building

Links, are the #1 way to show Google how popular you are. We create noteworthy placements – which will result in not just higher search engine rankings – but in addition, links on places where consumers will be looking.

Content Marketing Strategy

We create a game plan, for the creation of new content, and a strategy on how the content will be marketed to other websites, bloggers, and influencers in your industry – to help you rank.

Video Marketing

Video is the most popular form of content consumption. For brands, the creation and syndication of great and amazing videos is a brilliant way to start conversations amongst consumers and bloggers – consequently resulting in the creation of high quality and search engine loved backlinks. .

Analysis and reporting

We are one of the few SEO companies who can successfully do SEO for large online retailers. Brands like the BBC(British Broadcasting Channel), have trusted us with their online shopping carts. Our work has helped improve their online traffic by hundreds of percent, in addition to generating hundreds of percent increases in revenue from search engine optimization. The #1 reason why clients love working with us, is because of the fact we provide intuitive, and informative, reporting for all of our clients.

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports to each of our clients. We assign dedicated managers to all of our clients, which means you can always get information about your project – and understand where you’re at in terms of results.

Quarterly Review

We do quarterly reviews with each of our clients, in order assess the results of their marketing campaign with us, and in order to find new ways to optimize and innovative the campaign.


Why Does Our SEO Process Work?

  • We do a full 360 audit

    Before we start any campaign, or even sign an agreement, we do a full audit to ensure we know what's possible and what you should expect.

  • We are goal oriented

    We create short term, medium, and long term objectives - so that you're seeing an ROI at every single step of the process of the campaign.

  • We take a holistic approach

    We evaluate, and rectify, all missing elements in your SEO campaign, ranging from off-site to on-site issues like site quality and content.

  • We continuously focus on conversions

    We focus on KPI's, and focus on generating more and more conversions each month from your traffic. Everything revolves around getting more.

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